Offsett Disc Harrow

Offsett Disc Harrow


The Disc Harrow prepares the seed bed leaving the soil in granular from which is the most suitable structure for longer periods and eradicate weeds.

In sandy loam soils this implement can also be used as primary tillage implement. This depth of ploughing is regulated simply by manipulating the offset angles of the gauges. By removing simply a pin, the mounted position can be converted into trailed position and vice versa.

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No of Discs. 14 Discs 16 Discs
Disc Size 61 cm (24,,) 61 cm (24,,)
Weight 590 kgs. 685 kgs
Working width 145 cm (57,,) 167.5 cm (66,,)
Tractor compatibility 50 HP 60-85 HP


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