Laser Land Leveller

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Minimizes the cost of operation, Ensures a better degree of accuracy in much lesser time. Saves irrigation water. Ascertains uniform seed germination. Increases fertilizer effectiveness and resultantly enhances crop yield.


Salient Features:-
  • Backed by MFI Guarantee.
  • Range: Diameter 1 Km (Approx).
  • Reliable Fully Automatic Transmitter.
  • Durable, Shock Proof Big Screen Receiver.
  • Control Box with Manual of Automatic Settings.
  • Provision of Slope.
  • Heat Resistance & Water Proof.



Material Specifications
Heat Resistant (up to 60 C) and Water Proof
Tripod Mounting System
Working Area Diameter:1000m/1 Km (Approx.)
Provision of Slope 1 mm to 10 ft.
Accuracy (+,-) 1.5 mm
Self-Leveling Range Horizontal (+,-) 5
Rotating Speed 600 – 1200 rpm
Operating Time With a battery of 65 hrs
With dry cells 25 hrs
CONTROL BOX ( MEI – USA; Model: MEI 312)
Heat & Water Resistant
Fully Automatic Blade Control for Precision Grading
Manual or Automatic Control
On Grade Accuracy Selection
Operating Temperature -15 °C to 60 °C
Operating Voltage 12V DC
Weight 1.5 Kg
RECEIVER (MEI – USA; Model: 367 SB)
Extremely Durable: Internally Protected from Shock & Vibration
Beam Detecting Angle 360
Height 7.8 (200 mm)
Water Resistant & Dust Proof
Super Bright LED Display
Two Intensities (1) Super Bright for high ambient light levels.
(2) Softer for Low light.
Power Source 12/24 V DC
Overall Length 4,400 mm (14.4ft)
Overall Width 2,570 mm (8.4ft)
Overall Height 2,000 mm (6.5ft)
Approx. Weight 1,000 Kg
Tires 04 Nos.
Size 6.50 – 14 (6PR)
(Aron – Made in Italy)
MF 375 (75 HP) and MF 385 (85 HP)

Download Specifications In PDF File:

👉 Laser Land Leveler (Specifications)


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