Reversible Hydraulic MB Plough

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Product Features

  • Reversible design for efficient ploughing in both directions
  • Hydraulic operation for easy control and adjustments
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Easy attachment to Massey Ferguson tractors
  • Ideal for primary tillage and soil preparation

Explore and purchase this genuine product from Murshid Farm Industries, your trusted supplier of high-quality Massey Ferguson tractor attachments.


The most important plow for primary tillage is in canal-irrigated or heavy rain areas where there is too much weed growth. The objective of plowing with a Mould Board is to completely invert and pulverize the soil, up-root all weeds, trash, and crop residues, and bury them under the soil.

The shape of the Mould Board is designed to cut down the soil and invert it to the right side completely burying the undesired growth which is subsequently turned into manure after decomposition.

The Reversible Hydraulic MB Plough features a reversible design and hydraulic operation for efficient ploughing in both directions. With durable construction and easy attachment to Massey Ferguson tractors, this plough is ideal for primary tillage and soil preparation. Available at Murshid Farm Industries.

Detailed Description

The Reversible Hydraulic MB Plough is an advanced agricultural tool designed to provide efficient and effective ploughing for modern farming operations. This plough features a reversible design, allowing for ploughing in both directions without the need to turn the tractor, thereby saving time and enhancing productivity.

Constructed from high-quality, durable materials, the Reversible Hydraulic MB Plough is built to withstand the rigors of continuous use in various soil conditions. Its robust design guarantees long-lasting performance, making it a reliable choice for farmers looking to invest in quality equipment. The durable construction also means that the plough requires minimal maintenance, allowing you to focus more on your farming activities.

One of the standout features of the Reversible Hydraulic MB Plough is its hydraulic operation. The hydraulic system allows for easy control and adjustments, ensuring precise ploughing depth and angle. This precision improves the efficiency of soil preparation, promoting better soil aeration and structure, which are essential for healthy crop growth.

Designed for compatibility with Massey Ferguson tractors, the Reversible Hydraulic MB Plough is easy to attach and detach, allowing for quick transitions between tasks. The straightforward attachment process ensures that you can set up and start using the plough with minimal downtime, enhancing productivity and efficiency on the farm.

The Reversible Hydraulic MB Plough is ideal for primary tillage and soil preparation. Its efficient design and hydraulic operation make it suitable for breaking up and turning over soil, incorporating crop residues, and preparing the land for planting. By ensuring thorough and precise ploughing, the plough helps to improve the overall health and yield of your crops.

Murshid Farm Industries is proud to offer this high-quality Reversible Hydraulic MB Plough, along with a range of other agricultural tools and implements. As a trusted supplier of Massey Ferguson tractor attachments, we are committed to providing products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Explore our offerings and find the perfect tools to enhance your farming operations.



Application For cutting and inversion of soil
Tractor power > 60 hp
No. of Bottoms 03 Reversible
Reversing Mechanism Hydraulic and manually operated lever with locking system
Overall Dimensions (Min.)
Length 3100 mm ± 30 mm
Width 1700 mm ± 10 mm
Height 1450 mm ± 10 mm
Material Specifications
Main frame M.S. pipe 120 mm dia. 12 mm wall thickness and M.S. shaft SO mm dia. With the support of M.S. angle 75 x 75 x 9 mm and rectangular bar 80 x 30 mm
Mast (A-frame) M.S. sheet 490 x 12 mm
Crossbar M.S. flat 60 x 30 mm
Mould board 740 x 385 x 6 mm M.S. sheet
M.B. extension M.S. sheet 100 x 9 mm
Shear 500 x 230 x 11 mm hardened steel HRC > 40
Bracket support 04 Nos. M.S. plate 640 x 100 x 12 mm

02 Nos. M.S. plate 345 x 100 x 12 mm

Hydraulic jack 01 No. 535 mm long, 22 mm dia.
Bearings 02 Nos. 32210 and 32215
Paint Double coat with primer after the surface finish
Bearings European standard
Nuts and bolts To be tightened with spring washers
Warranty Free: 1 year for parts and service

Extended: 5 years for parts supply on payment



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