Chisel Plough (3 Tines)

Chisel Plough  (3 Tines)

The chisel plough is primary tillage deep plough , working up to 20’’ to ensure development of crop root system at proper depth and environment .It is ideal implement where top soil is fertile but subsoil is not productive. The Chisel Plough increases natural fertility of soil as deep tillage provides enough circulation of air, moisture, and sunlight in to soil.

For ful penetration in the first pass ,a 50 to 85 hp tractor would be required .A medium (50 hp) tractor will plough 12,, in the first pass and full 20,, depth attained in the second pass.

With only one central tine fitted it can work as a subsoiler and up to maximum depth for breaking of hard pan even with 50 hp tractor. Yield per acre can be increased considerably by deep ploughing for wheat, Cotton and sugar cane crops. Best fruit orchards growth is ensured by deep tillage before tree plantation. In rain fed areas, the chisel plough is an ideal implement because without disturbing top soil it shatters the subsoil portion of land, maintaining moisture contents for longer periods and safe guarding against water and wind erosion of top soils.



  1. Heavy steel box v-type frame without any and bolt.
  2. Three easily replaceable tines designed to penetrate up to 20,, without much effort.
  3. Shovels easily replaceable.
  4. Working width 1.20 Meters.
  5. Tractor compatibility. 50 – 85 HP
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