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Shifting Tides in Tractor Manufacturing: How Millat Tractors’ Pricing Strategy Paved the Way for New Competitors

The dynamics of the tractor manufacturing industry have seen significant shifts over recent years, prompted by various factors including technological advancements, market demands, and pricing strategies. The case of Millat Tractors, a pioneering brand in the tractor market, offers a revealing glimpse into these shifts. Historically, Millat Tractors has enjoyed a robust reputation for quality [...]

Shifting Tides in Tractor Manufacturing: How Millat Tractors’ Pricing Strategy Paved the Way for New Competitors Read More »

Illustration showing the vision of Murshid Farm Industries for technology transfer and community prosperity

Welcome to Murshid Farm Industries

Welcome to Murshid Farm Industries! Welcome to the official blog of Murshid Farm Industries! We are thrilled to have you here. Since 1965, Murshid Farm Industries has been at the forefront of agricultural innovation, providing high-quality Massey Ferguson tractors and compatible agricultural implements to farmers around the world. Our mission is to enhance agricultural productivity

Welcome to Murshid Farm Industries Read More »

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