•MF 1839 baler is based, uniquely, on a ‘center-line’ design, with provides efficient crop handling, in which the crop flows through the baler in a straight line which eliminates side drifts, minimizes damage to the crop.
•The center-line design and large flywheel helps to keep tractor power requirement low- only 35 PTO hp on the MF 1839.
•MF 1839 has a low profile pick up which gently lifts the crop a short distance and feeds it directly into the chamber, reducing crop damage and leaf loss besides improving crop feed and increasing working speed.
•A single hand crank allows the operator to quickly raise and lower the pick-up which means that the transportation of the baler is easy on roads as well as in fields.
•Heavy duty, rugged knotters are designed and built to operate reliably over many years with minimum fuss or maintenance whether using plastic or sisal twine.
•Twine boxes are located on either side of the baler for easy twine replenishment.
•Supported by after sale services, warranty and availability of spare parts by Millat Tractors Limited.
•Compatible Tractors: MF 260 (60hp) , MF 360 (60 hp)


Bale Size: 14″X18″

Height: 356 mm

Width: 457 mm

Bale Length: 305mm X 1321 mm

Bale Weight: 20 to 35 Kg

Crops: Straw, Hay, Low Moisture Haylage

Power Requirement: Recommended to 60 PTO HP Tractor

Working PTO Width: 1.9 m

Density Control: Manual Springs

Options: Hydraulic Pickup Lift, Automatic Hydraulic Bale Tension, Trailer Hitch

Tractor Compatibility: MF 260, MF 360, MF 375 and MF 385


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