Auto Rickshaw (3 Seater)

Auto Rickshaw (3 Seater)

Murshid Farm Industries export four stocks engine auto rickshaw to many countries of Asia and Europe. You can imagine it as a tricycle is attached with motor engine of  200cc, having maximum speed of 110 km/h with hydraulic brakes.

They are known by many names in different countries such as three wheeler auto, rickshaw, tuk tuk, auto taxi,auto, motor trishaw, autorick and tuk tuk cars.

Murshid Farm Industries have auto rickshaw, available in different sizes and colors. These three wheeler autos run on petrol, compressed nitrogen gas (C.N.G) and liquefied petroleum gas (L.P.G). They are ideal for passenger pick up services, that’s why they are also called auto taxi, as they consume less fuel in more kilometers. However, we can attach double sitter on the back of auto taxi by removing its back body. In this way we can increase its capacity of loading passengers. It can work as mini pickup van.

As we have read above, we can actually attach verity of useful attachments with auto rickshaw. It cannot only be use for passenger carrying purposes but can also be for delivery and luggage transport purposes. They can be made in to auto tipper, container or loader Tricycle.

On the other hand auto rickshaw is environmental friendly. C.N.G rickshaw, L.P.G rickshaw and petrol rickshaw are characterized with four stocks engines, so these autos do not emit any harmful gases which can cause air pollution. Our auto rickshaw for sale is tough and has full capability of surviving on rough and damaged roads. Unlike old fashion motor rickshaw, they do not produce noise while driving.

We offer economical prices on three wheeler autos. It is ideal for people who do not have enough money to start their own business. As by driving auto rickshaw they can earn handsome income and can live easy life.



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